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What is Merritt College?

Merritt College is a college in Oakland dedicated to providing education and new career opportunities to all students.

Who is the CISE Education Fund?

The CISE Education Fund is a charity group formed to support the next generation of technology professionals through mentoring and financial aid. With the aid of leading CIOs from across the Bay Area. CISE is the Consortium of Information Systems Executives, a collaborative group of Bay Area Chief Information Officers (CIOs) who work together to improve technology industry practices and education.

How can we hire students from your program?

Contact us here and we will reach out to you with all of the specifics for both full-time and internship positions.

I want to speak or guest lecture, how do I get involved?

We would be happy to have you! Contact us here and let us know what topic(s) you would like to speak about and we can discuss the details.

I want to teach, where do I start?

We are always excited to have more industry leaders involved in the program! Fill out the contact form here with a few details about yourself and we will get back to you with the full information on our teaching positions.

I want to mentor, how do I connect with your students?

Contact us here and we will reach out to you with details on our current mentorship opportunities.

How do I donate?

Thank you for your interest in improving cybersecurity education! We accept donations through


I want to enroll in the program, how can I do that?

Prospective students can visit the Merritt College website here for more details on enrollment.

I’m press, media, or sponsor that needs your logo and executive summary, where can I find that?

View our press kit here for more assets and details about the program.